An update for all Aldora Divers. The Federal Government has announced a plan, which they are calling “The New Norm” to re-open in steps.

At Aldora we have been integrating all necessary procedures to mitigate the likelihood of transmission of COVID-19; undergoing all the COVID-19 safety training for certifications and even more. All employees are participating in COVID-19 safety training.

There will be many new operational procedures in the dive shop and on the boats for divers and employees alike. Following these to the letter will be critical to keep Cozumel and our business safe and open for the near future until the crisis is resolved. We ask for your flexibility, collaboration, and help in complying with these new procedures. Some protocols might take a while to get used to, all are necessary to minimize risk while the crisis continues.

Of course, modifications, additions, or things which are no longer necessary, are bound to occur to protocols as time goes on, we will continue making advances together.

The various stages:

Stage 1

It began on May 15th, when 268 municipalities were opened to all activities, these are mostly in Oaxaca, they were 100% unaffected by a single COVID case and were dubbed the “Counties of Hope” as part of the plan. An enclosure has been placed around these municipalities to protect and monitor them.

Stage 2

The stage we are in, from the 18th to 31st of May, is the stage of preparedness. Preparedness for the re-opening; this includes protocols, guidelines, training, and certifications. All businesses and employees find themselves at home, doing homework and taking all possible COVID safety courses which are offered including those offered by the Mexican National Social Security Institute (IMSS), Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) for the Tourist Industry and etc.

Stage 3

Which is also the Red stage, begins on June 1st. There will be other phases marked by colors, theoretically each week. This is depending on circumstances and with the expectation that the businesses and community will comply with the new protocols and procedures. This is the stage of government offices and businesses considered essential are set to re-open. This includes big industries, such as automotive, mining, construction and etc.

Color Phases


Red: Is the stage of preparedness for the re-opening; this includes protocols, guidelines, training, and certifications


Orange: The following stage, will include non-essential activities and public spaces in a very limited manner.


Yellow: More public spaces will continue to re-open in a reduced capacity. Churches and museums may re-open and the industries which re-opened in the Red stage may begin to operate in a more normal capacity.


Green: everything including schools may re-open with caution. Special care must continue for people at risk. It will be up to each municipality to decide whether or not to continue to this stage.

Although we do not yet have any specific dates for a re-opening, we’ve been working on internal protocols since long before these standards were set out, as part of a newly formed association of dive businesses from the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Cortez, Yucatan, Mexican Caribbean, and the Riviera Maya, which invited doctors, scientists and government agencies for virtual workshops to cover all the areas of operating during times of COVID; environmental, legal, scientific and operational planning.

We will have a better idea of possible dates for the re-opening of diving activities in Cozumel on June 1st. We’ll be keeping everyone updated, through our website and Social Media pages. American is re-scheduling flights to Cozumel starting June 1st. Please check with other airlines for scheduling, we will keep everyone informed as we get updates on those too.

We are prepared and looking forward to welcoming you all back,

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