Lion Fish Hunting Trips

With Aldora Divers sign up and explore and hunt Lionfish, the invasive species in the Caribbean on a dedicated Advanced Nitrox charter to the North part of Cozumel or East Side of Cozumel.

Lionfish refers to two closely-related and nearly indistinguishable species that are native to the Indo-Pacific. But there is no need to travel there to see them, as in the 1990’s, due to human introduction Lionfish arrived in the Tropical Western Atlantic and spread along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Since then, Lionfish have migrated throughout the Caribbean Basin and into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the well-being of coral reefs, other marine ecosystems and local economies.

Across the Caribbean Lionfish culling is common in order to control the threat they pose to the reef systems and local economies.

In Cozumel Lionfish catch is used all over the island in restaurants for creating delicious meals including fresh Ceviche and Lionfish Pizza.

Here in Cozumel, there are no spears permitted in the Marine Park as fishing of any kind is strictly prohibited.

However in the northern reefs of the island and the east side we see far more Lionfish and as there are no restrictions on fishing there, that is where we charter our Lionfish hunting trips.

To Join on this trip Nitrox certification is required and you must have dove with us a couple times before signing on to this trip.

Minumum of 4 divers required departing in the afternoon from the Aldora Dock downtown .

Contact us at fro more information about the trip and to sign up!

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