COVID-19 Update June 4th

The state of Quintana Roo is initiating a re-opening. The recently published map showing the Yucatan Peninsula in red, is not due to the number of COVID-19 cases. It is a system, like a traffic light, which is being used by the federal government to re-initiate commerce.

We are currently in the red phase, this means that only big industry may currently be open.

In the current red stage, other businesses, may begin the process in order to be open and fully functional. Employees may be back at work to begin implementing all COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures which are required for the full re-opening.

The next phase will be an orange light on June 8th. Essential businesses may open during Orange and Yellow phases.

Tourism is considered an essential business, because it is the foundation of the economic system in all of Quintana Roo, the local community relies almost entirely on this system, it is how families can pay their rent, utilities -like water and purchase food, things which are considered a right to basic and adequate standard of life, part of the universal declaration of human rights.

As of next week, American Airlines will begin flying direct from Dallas to Cozumel. Hotels will re-open on the 8th, but safe distancing measures are still required, no reunions or events are permitted yet. Walking and bicycling are permitted, everyone must have their mask with them, but not specifically on while outdoors walking and cycling, masks are required in case you end up in an area where you are near other people. Safe distancing measures should be observed at all times.

Restaurant and bars, will not likely be open until the green phase. This is due to the much higher risk and the need for closer interaction and exchange in these establishments.

While we want every last member of our Aldora family, both here and abroad to take all necessary measures to remain safe during this current crisis, it is imperative that we begin taking the necessary steps to provide for our families here.

We are taking every and all measures possible to make your visit safe; following state and federal protocols, implementing our own measures above and beyond the federal and local regulations, and all staff have already undergone the necessary training.

Whether you choose to visit soon or further down the road, stay well, we will be here waiting for you.

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