Aldora Adventures – Cave of the Sleeping Sharks

It was once believed that all sharks had to swim constantly in order to breathe and could not sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Oxygen-rich water flows through the gills during movement allowing the shark to breathe. Some sharks, such as great whiteshammerheads, and megamouths, move while in these restful states in order to keep oxygen-rich water flowing through their gills. Some studies have suggested, however, that the spinal cord, and not the brain, allows the sharks to swim, meaning they may experience periods of mental inactivity while moving along the sea floor.

Unlike human beings that divide their waking and sleeping hours evenly from day to night, sharks oscillate between wakeful periods and restful periods.

Aldora Special Operations – Cave of the Sleeping Sharks.

Recently Aldora divers discovered in the far north of Cozumel 5 large coral heads in which large Caribbean reef sharks can be found ‘sleeping’ in a somewhat catatonic state. In this sheltered area, the current moves oxygen rich water throughout the cave, allowing the sharks to be stationary and rest.

This is the place where the fabled ‘Isla Mujeres Sleeping sharks’ ran and hid. Not only here do we see the sharks, but also the pristine coral formations with squadrons of eagle rays and other pelagic life are abound there.

A Dive trip not to be missed!

Watch the Caribbean Reef Sharks in their catatonic state.

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